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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Identification obligation

Everyone must be able to identify themselves at all times by means of a valid ID and insurance card, to prevent misuse and fraud of your patient file and insurance. This also applies to persons under the age of 14.


Mobile calling is not permitted in the waiting area to avoid inconvenience to others.


You will only be treated by appointment. An appointment can be made by telephone, a request can be submitted by e-mail.

An appointment must be canceled 48 hours before the scheduled appointment, this can only be done by telephone. If the appointment is not canceled or not canceled in time, we are forced to charge for the reserved time. If you repeatedly fail to keep appointments, we reserve the right to deregister you from our patient database.

If we know your email address, we will send you an email one day before the appointment. No rights can be derived from this. If you do not receive a reminder, this does not mean that your appointment has been cancelled.

Treatment room

No supervisors may be present in the treatment room during the treatment. In the case of children who are treated under anesthesia, 1 parent may be present while putting your child to sleep. You must then leave the room. We work in a sterile environment and we also want to ensure peace and quiet and prevent interference with the work.


For a detailed explanation of the method of payment and declaration, we refer you to the topic Rates on this website.


You as a patient are responsible for providing correct information regarding your insurance, address and telephone number to Atlas Dental Clinic. to pass on. Also providing correct and truthful information about your medical health.

Code of conduct

It is not permitted to cause nuisance, use violence (in word and/or deed) or threaten or sexually intimidate anyone.

We do not tolerate inappropriate behavior. We will speak to anyone who breaks the rules. In the event of threats or theft, we report it to the police. As a result, the treatment agreement may be terminated and you may be deregistered as a patient.