Root canal treatment

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You are eligible for a root canal treatment if it appears that tissue in the root canal is inflamed or has been inflamed at an earlier stage. These inflammations are caused by bacteria in the nerve canal and can be quite painful. If the root canal treatment proves too complex, we will refer you to an endodontist. You can only visit an endodontist with a referral from the dentist.

Root canal treatment costs

The costs of root canal treatments depend on exactly which treatment you need to undergo. In addition, each insurance policy has different regulations regarding insuring certain dental treatments. To get a clear idea of what exactly a root canal treatment will cost, we can make a cost estimate, so that you know where you stand. With this cost estimate it is best to consult your insurance company to determine what your possible reimbursement will be. This way you will not be faced with high costs unexpectedly.

Does a root canal treatment hurt?

A root canal treatment itself normally does not hurt. An anesthetic will be applied before the treatment begins. If you do not seek treatment, you will probably have more and longer pain and ultimately you will not be able to avoid treatment.

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Root canal treatment

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