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The production of dentures has traditionally been one of the clinic's specialties. For generations, Dental Clinic Atlas has known where to find this. The technician and your own dentist work closely together in our own laboratory. They will consult with you about the color and position of your new teeth. If desired, the shape and position can be copied directly from your own teeth or from an old photo into the denture, so that your new teeth can be made entirely according to your own wishes.


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What is a prosthesis?

Dentures, also called dentures, are an artificial replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissue. Dentures are used when a person is missing all their teeth in the upper and/or lower jaw or when the remaining teeth are not sufficient to maintain proper chewing function. There are two main types of dentures: complete dentures and partial dentures.

Complete dentures: This prosthesis is used when all teeth are missing in the upper and/or lower jaw. Complete dentures rest on the gums and are supported by the jawbone structure. It stays in place due to the natural suction between the denture and the gums, saliva and muscles of the mouth.

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Partial dentures: This type of denture is used when only a few teeth are missing. Partial dentures have metal clasps or other attachments that are attached to the remaining natural teeth to hold the denture in place. They fill in the space left by missing teeth.

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Dentures are made from impressions and models of the patient's mouth. They are made with durable materials such as acrylic or metal and are designed to look as natural as possible and function well for chewing and speaking.

The use of dentures can restore the aesthetics of the mouth, improve the ability to chew food and reduce speech problems that can arise from missing teeth. It is important to maintain good oral hygiene and have regular dental check-ups, even with dentures.


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What types of prosthetics are there?

There are different types of prosthetics. Which prosthesis suits you best depends on your personal situation and preferences. Visit our clinic for a consultation and discover the options for your teeth.

  • Dentures
    Dentures offer the ideal solution for people who have lost or had teeth extracted and are looking for a durable solution to complete their teeth again and improve both the function and aesthetics of the mouth.
  • Click dentures (on implants)
    You can also contact us for the manufacture and installation of click dentures. This prosthesis is clicked onto implants, which provides more stability. This makes it a popular choice among people who need beautiful new teeth without sacrificing comfort.


Repair, replace or fill a prosthesis

Do you already have a prosthesis that needs repair, replacement or filling? Discover our fast and reliable service to keep your prosthesis in top condition.


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How does placing click dentures work?

Click-on dentures, also called click-on dentures or overdentures on implants, are a type of dentures that are supported by and clicked onto implants placed in the jaw. This type of denture offers more stability and functionality than traditional dentures that rely only on the gums.

Here is a step-by-step explanation of how click dentures are obtained, with the cooperation of our implantologist:

  1. Consultation and research
    An initial consultation is held during which the dentist and implantologist assess the patient's oral health and discuss the suitability for implants.
    X-rays and possibly CT scans are taken to assess jaw structure and bone density.
  2. Treatment plan and implantation
    A treatment plan is drawn up based on the evaluation. This determines how many implants are needed and where they should be placed.
    The implantologist places the titanium implants in the jawbone. This process can take place under local anesthesia.
  3. Healing period
    After placing the implants, there is a healing period, usually several months. During this period, the implants bond tightly to the jawbone in a process called osseointegration.
  4. Impressions and prosthetic work
    Once the implants are properly bonded, impressions are taken of the jaw. These impressions are used to make the click prosthesis exactly to size.
    The dentist works with a dental technician to design the prosthesis, paying attention to both aesthetics and functionality.
  5. Placement of the click prosthesis
    The click prosthesis is attached to the implants using special push buttons or other fastening devices. This keeps the denture firmly in place, but can also be removed for cleaning.
  6. Aftercare and maintenance
    After the installation of the click dentures, a period of aftercare follows. The patient is given instructions on how to clean the denture and maintain good oral hygiene.
    Regular follow-up appointments are important to monitor the health of the implants and gums.


Click-on dentures offer advantages such as improved stability, comfort and chewing ability compared to traditional dentures. It is a popular choice for people looking for a long-lasting solution to replacing missing teeth. Involving an experienced implantologist is crucial for the success of the process.


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How much does a prosthesis cost?

Dentures or dentures are partially reimbursed by your health insurance from your basic insurance. You always pay a personal contribution. You also pay the costs for removing your own teeth. You can take out additional insurance for this.


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