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In addition to being a regular dentist, dentist Guido van West is also a qualified implantologist, recognized by the NVOI (Dutch Association for Oral Implantology).

To guarantee the quality of his work and to stay informed of changes, he is a member of the NVOI. In October 2011, Guido applied for re-registration as an implantologist, this application was approved by means of a visit and Guido was recognized again for 5 years. On the website of NVOI, is a list of implantologists recognized and registered by the NVOI.

But what does implantology entail?

The goal of implantology is to replace one or more teeth with implants. Implants are artificial roots, often made of titanium. The dentist usually screws these modern, very reliable implants into the jawbone. Atlas Dental Clinic works with the Ankylos brand.

Once the implant has grown into the bone, the dentist can replace the lost teeth:

  • When replacing one tooth, the dentist makes a crown on the implant.
  • When replacing several teeth, the dentist, in consultation with the client, chooses a bridge or a removable prosthesis.
  • When replacing all the teeth in a jaw, the dentist chooses a fixed bridge or a removable prosthesis. The prosthesis is anchored to the implants by means of, for example, push buttons or a rod sleeve construction.
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