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Complaints procedure

Complaints procedure

We do everything we can to offer you the best dental care and would like to have good contact with you about this. You can rely on that. If you feel that we have informed or treated you incorrectly or carelessly, we ask you to discuss this with us personally first. It is important for us to know that you have a problem or are not completely satisfied. We would like to explain to you why we have done something a certain way and this usually resolves any ambiguities. We trust that we will find a solution together. 

Information point 

If you would like more information about dentistry and dental treatments, please visit: www.allesoverhetgebit.nl or seek advice by telephone from the Dental Information Point (TIP, tel: 0900 202 5012). Both provide independent information and were founded by our professional organization KNMT.

Complaints procedure 

If we cannot jointly reach a satisfactory solution for you, you can contact the KNMT complaints procedure to which we are affiliated. This scheme meets the requirements of the Wkkgz ( Law of quality, complaints and disputes of care) to every healthcare provider. There are no costs associated with the complaints procedure. There are two options:

* Mediation. Under the leadership of two experts from the Regional Mediation Council, a solution acceptable to both parties is being sought. If the mediation is successful, the outcome will be recorded in writing and the complaint will be resolved.

* Formal complaint handling. If you do not want mediation or if the mediation attempt fails, you can ask the KNMT to have your complaint handled by the Central Complaints Committee. You and your dentist will then be invited to a hearing. This will be followed by the decision of the Central Complaints Committee. If there is reason to do so, the Central Complaints Committee can make a recommendation to the dentist. The aim of such a recommendation is for the dentist to take measures to improve the quality of his dental practice, his practice organization such as his actions and information provided to patients. The Central Complaints Committee cannot impose compensation.

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