Crowns and bridges

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The dentists at Atlas Dental Clinic have specialized in manufacturing porcelain crowns and bridges. These are characterized by an extremely natural and aesthetic appearance.


In the case of major defects in a tooth, insufficient support for a filling or in case of crooked or discolored teeth, there is sometimes no other option than to replace them with crowns. It is an absolute plus to improve the appearance of your teeth.

Porcelain crowns are made entirely by hand by the dental technician after the dentist has made an impression and placed a temporary crown on it. The exact size and color is recreated following the print and your other elements. When the dental technician has finished this, the crown will be placed by the dentist.


A bridge is intended to replace one or more missing teeth. The ends of the bridge are two or more crowns that fit snugly over the teeth on either side of the missing teeth. The middle part of the bridge consists of one or more artificial teeth that come into the open space. You will receive a bridge to help you chew better and to prevent other teeth from becoming crooked.

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Crowns and bridges

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