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Privacy declaration

Privacy declaration

At Dental Clinic Amsterdam we attach great importance to privacy. We see it as our job to protect our patients' data as best as possible. If you complete our contact form on our website and/or if you are a patient with us (or if your child is a patient with us), we process medical data and personal data. You can read below what exactly this means, why we do this and what your rights are.

Website: processing personal data 

If you fill out the contact form on our website, you will be asked for your name and email address. These are personal data. Your data arrives in the general e-mail box of our organization and we use it to answer your question or to respond to your comment. Your data will only be used for this purpose. As soon as your question and/or comment has been processed, we will delete your data.

Patients: processing personal data 
  1. What and Why?
  2. Dentist
  3. Retention period of personal data
  4. Protection of personal data
  5. Your rights
  6. Your duties
  7. Objection
  8. To ask

As soon as you make an appointment at the Amsterdam Dental Clinic, you will then be registered as a patient and we will process your personal data in an electronic patient file. By processing we mean that we will, for example, store, supplement, use your personal data for making an appointment and invoicing. When you are treated by us, we supplement your electronic patient file with medical data such as the diagnosis and the treatment plan.

1. What and why? 

We need your information to provide you with the best possible care.

  • We need your medical information, such as referral letter, x-rays, diagnosis and treatment plan, to provide you with the best possible treatment.
  • We need your name, address, date of birth and BSN to identify you and to ensure that we do not confuse you with another patient.
  • We need your email address to send an appointment confirmation and to send a patient satisfaction survey after your visit to our practice. The patient satisfaction survey helps us improve the quality of our services and our online reputation.
  • You can also periodically receive general advice from us - by email or otherwise - for maintaining healthy teeth, as well as information about new developments in the field of preventive, curative and aesthetic dentistry.
  • We also need your insurance information for correct billing.

For all data, we will not process more data than we need to provide you with good care.

2. Dentist

If treatment cannot take place in our practice, a referral is sometimes necessary. In general, a referral is made to a specialist, including a dental surgeon, orthodontist, endodontist, etc. As a referrer, it is customary for us to keep the specialist to whom the referral is made informed of the treatments that you have undergone as a patient with us. This is done electronically via a secure environment.

3. Retention period of personal data

The law stipulates that data included in the patient file must be kept for a period of 20 years. The period of 20 years applies from the moment the last change is made to the file. This main rule, retention for 20 years, may be deviated from if the longer retention of patient data reasonably results from the care of a good care provider. For example, if the medical specialist is only able to provide good (continuous) care if he has access to all file data. Your patient file can also be kept longer if you request this.

4. Protection of personal data

We see it as our job to protect your data as best as possible, this is part of our daily work.

  • Not everyone is allowed to view your patient file. Only healthcare providers and employees directly involved in your treatment and you as a patient (or your representative) may do this.
  • All healthcare providers and employees directly involved in your treatment have a legal obligation of confidentiality and will not share your data with others.
  • If we believe it is important to share your data with others, you can decide this and we will ask your permission to do so. In urgent or emergency situations, we may make a different decision.
  • All your medical and personal data are recorded digitally. If you provide completed forms/paper information, we will scan them and include them in your electronic patient file. The papers are then shredded.
  • The digital systems we work with, such as the system containing your electronic patient file or the way in which we ensure the backup of this information, are well protected.
5. Your rights
Right to inspect and copy the file

You may view your personal data and your complete patient file with us. You can also ask for a copy of your file. You can submit this request to your medical specialist. The medical specialist does not have to provide access to his or her personal work notes. In addition, the medical specialist does not have to honor your request if this is in the interest of protecting the privacy of someone else.

Right to a copy and the costs thereof

Due to the introduction of the GDPR, a fee may no longer be charged for providing a copy. This is done free of charge. However, if you request multiple copies, a fee may be charged based on administrative costs. If you make the request by e-mail, the copy of the file will be provided digitally, unless you request another arrangement.

Right to rectification

You may have your personal data changed.

For example, if you have moved and your address with us is no longer correct. Or if we have spelled your name incorrectly.

You do not have the right to correct professional impressions, opinions and conclusions of the medical specialist with which you disagree. You can have your own view included in the patient file. Even if the medical specialist does not agree with this view, the medical specialist must still include it in your patient file. The same applies to a second opinion. At your request, the medical specialist will also include this in your patient file.

Right to restriction

You have the right to restrict the processing of your personal data. This means that you can temporarily 'stop' the processing of your personal data so that it may not be used. The data will still be available in your patient file. The data may then only be processed with your consent, or if this is necessary for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims, or to protect the rights of others or for important reasons of public interest for the European Union or for the Netherlands. .

Right to deletion and destruction

Dental Clinic Amsterdam is legally obliged to keep patient medical records for at least 20 years. You may request that your file be destroyed for the entire file or for part of it. You can submit this request in writing to Tandzorg Leuken, Sint Jobplein 10, 6004 JZ Weert.

In principle, Dental Clinic Amsterdam must comply with your request for (partial) destruction of your file, but not in all cases. There are three exceptions to the right to destruction:

  • Another law prescribes a different retention period within which the data may not be destroyed. For example: a request for destruction can never apply to financial data. The tax authorities use their own retention period of seven years for this.
  • Someone other than yourself has a significant interest in retaining the data, e.g. the care provider himself or a professional who works for him. Or in case there are legal proceedings against the care provider and the file is needed for the defence.
  • Good care can also stand in the way of destruction.

If you have submitted a written request for annulment and your medical specialist has indicated that you will not grant your request, you can always request a personal meeting with your medical specialist to discuss this decision in more detail. You can also submit a complaint to the Amsterdam Dental Clinic. You can find our complaints procedure at our counter or on our website.

Right to data portability

The right to data portability means that you have the right to receive the personal data that you have provided to the medical specialist in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable form. This follows from Article 20 GDPR. You can then save the data yourself for personal (re)use or to send it to another care provider. This only concerns data that you have actively and consciously provided to the medical specialist. For example, the right to data portability does not apply to the conclusions, diagnoses, suspicions or treatment plans that the medical specialist determines on the basis of the data you provide. The right to data portability also only applies if digital personal data is processed. Therefore, the right does not apply to paper files.


The medical specialist must comply 'without delay' and in any case within one month of receiving your request. Even if the medical specialist does not comply with your request, the medical specialist must inform you of this with reasons within one month. Depending on the complexity of the request and the number of requests, this period can be extended by another two months if necessary. The medical specialist will inform you about this extension within one month.


If a minor is treated at Dental Clinic Amsterdam, the following legal rules apply with regard to viewing, changing and destroying patients' medical files.

Younger than 12 years old?

Then the above rights only belong to the child's parents. The child has no right to inspect the medical file and may not request the medical specialist to change or destroy the file.

Between 12 and 16 years old?

The above rights then belong to both the child's parents and the child itself. However, the child can indicate to the medical specialist if he or she does not want his or her parents to look at the medical file. The medical specialist must grant this request. The same applies to changing and destroying the medical file.

Over 16 years old?

Then the above rights belong only to the child. The parents have no right to inspect their child's medical file and may not request the medical specialist to change or destroy the file.

6. Your duties

As a patient, it is your duty to inform your medical specialist as honestly and completely as possible about your situation. This is necessary for the diagnosis and determining the treatment plan.

7. Objection

If you do not agree with the way we handle your medical and personal data, you can object to this (under Article 21 GDPR under certain circumstances). In principle, the medical specialist may then no longer use your personal data. If you wish to object, you can discuss this with your medical specialist.

8. Questions

Questions or comments can be sent in writing to: Questions or comments can be sent in writing to: Dental Clinic Amsterdam.