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Do you want beautiful white teeth, to be rid of a gap between your teeth or do you want to have a broken tooth repaired? The dentist can improve the appearance of your teeth with the help of a so-called veneer.

A veneer is a layer of tooth-colored composite filling material or a porcelain shield. The dentist sticks the filling material to the tooth. For example, he can change the shape or color of a tooth. It can also fill gaps between teeth, repair broken corners, make yellow or brown teeth white again and mask crooked teeth.

A facing is made of composite or porcelain. For a composite veneer, the dentist makes the veneer in one treatment. An advantage is that in general less teeth need to be sharpened. A disadvantage is that it lasts less long than a porcelain facing and that this facing discolors more quickly. A porcelain veneer, just like a porcelain crown, is constructed and finished by the dental technician. The dental technician can reproduce the color structure very precisely, making the veneer look natural.

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