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Personal dentistry at a high level.


Atlas Dental Clinic is located in the center of Amsterdam near Central Station. As a dental clinic and referral practice, we offer a complete package of specialties. An experienced team of practitioners and a modernly equipped practice guarantee optimal dental care. 


Atlas Dental Clinic attaches great importance to clear information about the cause of the complaint, preventive measures and treatment of the problem. From the intake interview onwards, the patient's well-being is central. We take into account patients who suffer from anxiety and we ensure that their stay in our practice is as pleasant as possible. Our practitioners use innovative treatment techniques and materials for optimal treatment. A well-thought-out treatment plan is the script for effective and efficient treatment. Optimal monitoring, instructions and aftercare reduce the chance of recurrence of the complaints.

The presence of a dental laboratory creates a particularly close bond between technology and dentist. Manufacturing prosthetics has traditionally been one of the specialties of our clinic. The possibilities are very diverse. Partial dentures (plates), upper, lower or complete dentures, frames, bar dentures, overdentures, push-button dentures and dentures on implants: we take care of the entire manufacturing process. Your own wishes, color and position of the teeth are mainly taken into account. If desired, the shape and position of your “own” teeth or from a photo can be copied into the denture. 

Atlas Dental Clinic is accessible to the disabled. Please take the entrance steps into account. We are happy to help you if you wish.

The Atlas Dental Clinic team consists of enthusiastic people with extensive specialties. This makes it almost always possible to stay within our practice for all your dental treatments. 

Tandheelkundige Kliniek Amsterdam

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AGB practice code: 63729
Practice Chamber of Commerce number: 02070649

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