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Dental Clinic Atlas is a dental practice with special and very extensive knowledge and many options. Founded in the summer of 1945 and located at Prins Hendrikkade 149 since 1975, Atlas is a household name. Of course, not only because of her years of experience, but also because of the ever-expanding knowledge and use of modern techniques.

At Atlas we specialize in special dentistry; Patients with anxiety and complicated problems. In addition to an anxiety dentist and an implantologist, we also have our own laboratory where we can produce supporting agents ourselves and therefore quickly. Examples include implants, crowns and bridges, dentures, implant prostheses, overdentures, frames and repairs. We can also help you with total dental rehabilitation and cosmetic dentistry such as oral hygiene and whitening your own teeth.

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The emphasis within our practice is on lifelong guidance of our patients in keeping their mouth healthy. To achieve this, we offer a wide range of treatments.

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